Vice Principal's Message

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Vice Principal's Message

I would like to welcome you to this unique and noble school where lives have been transformed and visions have been nurtured and pursued into fulfilled dreams. We are delighted that you are considering Open Minds as a suitable institution to start your ward's academic journey. We are driven by our guiding principle of providing good quality educational services. As a result, the school has undergone outstanding transformations and enhancements since its inception in 2009. The state of knowledge on the various teaching methods, the current enthusiasm in academic growth, staff development and the technology used in teaching and learning has improved. The three core parameters of our educational philosophy are: 1. Students are partners, not customers. 2. Our priority is continuous improvement in education. 3. Education is a life-long investment and must be easily accessible. With a team of dedicated and experienced administrative and academic staff, Open Minds continues to ensure that our goal of enhancing the educational value of our diverse students is achieved. We believe that all of us grow at different rates and that's fine because in Open Minds, we don't set targets for the young minds, but show them the right path towards a beautiful life. Our staff are always on hand to ensure that the welfare and academic aspirations of our student community are adequately addressed.

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